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Coffee Changer Members - Repair


Coffee Changer Members - Repair

We are sorry you've had to come here! Not to worry though the process is easy.

Before you go through with this, please visit our FAQ's to make sure you've covered all your bases!

Don't forget to choose between the two options above

Machine Swap

Completely swapping your machine for a refurbished one. You send your broken Berlin to our centre in Cologne while we send you a Berlin. Not to worry, refurbished Berlin's are of the same quality as new. 

Machine Repair

You send your broken Berlin for repair and our centre in Cologne will troubleshoot and fix your Berlin. Then we will send the machine back to you.

An option for those who are very attached to their Berlin, don't worry, we don't blame you.

Terms & Conditions

  • We ask that no matter which option you choose, you send the product via mail to our centre in Cologne. we will reimburse this cost for you in it's entirety.
  • If the damage to the machine is clearly user error, we will not refund shipping costs. For example, a smashed jug, cosmetic damages, too many green beans in the grinder.

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