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Bonaverde Berlin - White

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Bonaverde Berlin - White
Bonaverde Berlin - White Bonaverde Berlin - White Bonaverde Berlin - White Bonaverde Berlin - White Bonaverde Berlin - White Bonaverde Berlin - White

The Berlin: First Roast-Grind-Brew Coffee Device  

    The Berlin's customised infrared roasting process results in the perfect roast every time you make yourself the freshest cup of Speciality Coffee in the world.

    Key features of the Berlin,

    • Roast Green Coffee Beans to get the freshest cup of coffee on the planet!
    • One button: Roast, grind and brew the freshest coffee possible in 20-30 minutes - Every roast profile has a different time-scale depending on the type of green bean you are roasting.
    • Don't have 20-30 minutes to wait? Roast in advance and keep your coffee for when you need it, schedule roasting with the App or use our amazing pre-roasted coffee that comes with each delivery - Then grind and brew in just 5 minutes.
    • Integrated 3G connection & IoT capabilities mean you have remote control with our app. Learn about farmers, roast, grind and/or brew from your phone or schedule your coffee for when you need it. 
    • Adjustable Stainless-Steel Cone Grinder, with easy and fully adjustable grinder settings. 
    • Removable water tank. Adjust pour over brew strength by changing water levels. We always offer our recommended water-to-coffee ratio so you can easily brew the perfect cup. 

    Need Green Coffee Beans? Our Origins Box comes with pouches with RFID tags that can be used to start the machine by holding the pouch in front of the scan pad. There is also pre-roasted coffee from a curated range of amazing micro roasters in Europe. Every delivery will have Grind and Brew RFID's for you to use with your roasted coffee. 

    Berlin includes:

    • Roasting Chamber
    • Filter Drawer
    • Carafe/Jug
    • Water Tank
    • Air Filter & Silver Chaff Container
    • Plug
    • Machine 'Shell'
    • Air Filter
    • Instruction Manual

    Click here to see E-manual at the bottom of the page.




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