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Coffee - OriginsBox!

Coffee - OriginsBox!


Our unique and curated box of speciality grade coffee, keeping you happily caffeinated!

Every Origins Box will include 2kg of "Speciality Grade" Coffee:

  • A mix of small and large pouches
  • A mix of green and roasted coffee
  • One Maintenance Kit (Including an Air Filter, Descaler tablet & Grinder Cleaner). 

The green coffee range in your delivery will give you a variety of single origin speciality grade coffees. Every roast, grind and brew offers you the freshest cup of coffee possible. Of course, you can also just roast, or just grind or just brew. The options are there!

The curated range of already roasted coffee from selected speciality coffee micro-roasters is some of the best coffee in Europe. Perfect for those moments you don't have time for roasting, but still crave that amazing coffee, fast!

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