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Join the Revolution!

Join the Revolution!


The Bonaverde Coffee Changer Membership is the first step into the 4th wave of the coffee industry, unleashing the potential of disruptive technologies ability to create positive and tangible social change.

 If you want to become a coffee changers member, check it out here


Disruptive tech, sharing economies, blockchain, industry 4.0, corporate social responsibility, and workplace of the future; buzzwords often used for green washing companies or a tool for market positioning. Funnily enough those words are part of Bonaverde’s vocabulary and often used - but we assure you, this is no superficial marketing scheme. This is years of research and development at last coming to fruition. Our first step in giving the customer a completely new experience, while directly benefiting our mission; changing the way coffee is consumed, perceived and traded.


What is this Coffee Changer Membership?!

In the past (and present) subscription services have been bound by time-based delivery services of a specific product or a box of products. No doubt, we all subscribe to something at some point in time. However, we're not offering a subscription anymore. We would go as far as to say we think subscriptions are out-dated - that’s right - out dated!




We are genuinely excited about this new level of service we are able to offer. As a start-up, moments like these are great milestones and the best part is, we know this is just the beginning.

Membership will give you access to the Berlin coffee maker of course, but also opens up our Green Bean Marketplace, complimentary (yes that means free) maintenance kits, repair and troubleshooting services (including shipping and associated costs) as well as complete continued access to our Coffee Concierge App.

But, beyond the complimentary product, what we are most excited about and what gives the biggest yield to our mission is our new Smart Delivery service.


How Does Smart Delivery Work?

Smart Delivery puts to better use the IoT technology in your Berlin to understand when you’re running low on coffee. Simply put, you never run out of coffee unexpectedly. Any time you run low on stock, we will send you a new multi-variety pack (and Maintenance Kit) -- which contains a 30x pouches of coffee showcasing a whole variety of different single-origin farmers, without you even having to click a button - think of it as a pleasant, highly caffeinated surprise!

And, the best part is, this unique experience really benefits our coffee farmers, as it allows us to give them much needed visibility into how much people like their products! 



Yes, this new membership service is a completely new approach with many positives for you, the coffee changer. However, the coffee industry will also greatly benefit from this type of service, and that is unique. The membership as a whole has many benefits for you, but the smart delivery will ensure that whenever you need green coffee beans, you get them immediately.

This is a very sustainable business model which allows farmers the luxury of knowing their green coffee beans will move into the market at a sustained rate. This opens up the possibility of reliable forecasting and pricing strategies which will enable speciality coffee farmers to continue to grow, at a larger scale and with Direct Trade quality relationships between themselves and us, Bonaverde. These two factors, scalability and increased revenue for farmers, allow us to ensure we can continue to shrink the supply chain.

We have taken the roaster out, now that is you. We have removed as many middlemen as possible for a Start-up by implementing a platform-strategy, keeping fixed costs low and utilising connectivity through the web, A.k.a our Green Bean Marketplace. Now we can ensure sustained consumption of the product, A.k.a Smart Delivery service. The reduced supply chain offers a network with less overheads, more direct revenue to farmer as well as increased control over their personal brand. We think that is very cool.    

What’s next? Too be honest we are not sure if you would believe us if we told you! Luckily we have a video which does just that - This is still a work in progress and for now not attainable, but watch below to get an idea of our direction,



Thank you all for being a part of this journey. We are a passionate and small team working hard daily. We are aware of the mistakes we have made, hence the open letters, but we are determined and will continue on this mission to revolutionise the industry. We will revolutionise how coffee is traded with you. To do this we must shift the axis and revolve industry around the farmer, not the middlemen and intermediaries.

Thank you #coffeechangers.

All the best from Berlin,


The Team at Bonaverde.

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