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How to: the Maintenance Kit

How to: the Maintenance Kit

If you look after your Berlin, your Berlin is gonna look after you!

Like a car, every piece of equipment benefits from a bit of TLC. And surprise, The Bonaverde Berlin, as a piece of equipment, is no exception -- so make sure you look after it!

After every 30x roast, grind or brew processes, you'll help prevent unnecessary issues with your machine by using a Maintenance Kit.

Our kits have everything you need to keep your Berlin happy and running smoothly, including:

  • Grinder Cleaner -- Runs through your grinder and helps clear out buildup of any oils and fine coffee particles. Great way to prevent blocked grinders.
  • Descaler -- Removes any calcium and water-borne minerals from the Berlin's plumbing
  • New Air Filter -- After 30x roasts, there's probably enough coffee oil in your old filter to run a late model Corolla. Definitely swap it out for a new one!

If you're into the convenience of having everything in one place, you should also know that The Coffee Changers Membership is the thing for you!

It includes a Smart Delivery containing:

  • 30x pack of multi-origin coffee pouches
  • a full Maintenance Kit.
  • Unlimited free machine repairs or replacement (and freight is free in Germany too)

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