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Our Newest Product: The 30 Pack

Our Newest Product: The 30 Pack

We're very pleased to finally be able to announce our latest product, Bonaverde's Multi-Origin Green Bean 30 Pack.



BV have long been looking ways to improve our green coffee experience: it first started May 2018 with the release of our single-portion green bean pouches, which effectively tackled the issue of manually weighing bulk green beans, further addressed issues such as overloading the Berlin's roasting chamber capacity, and notably reducing the number of reports of blocked grinders we were getting from Coffee Changers.

Our next step was to enhance the overall packaging of these pouches. How are we going to safely send green coffee pouches to our customers; and after that how are they actually going to store and use them?

Knowing this, Bonaverde have been working with Stockholm based design and innovation consultancy ThingsToBe, in order to totally redesign our green bean packaging.

And so the 30 pack was born! Or more specifically, the Multi-origin variety pack.

Our 30 pack, as the name suggests, includes 30 pouches showcasing a variety of our single-origin coffee beans -- and the pack is capable of storing large or small sizes. The selection offered in our 30 pack will very shortly offer an ever changing lineup of some of the most exciting, distinct and delicious direct traded coffees and roastery collaborations (that's right, both green beans, and roasted beans)!

The Brief

Packaging is a world of its own when it comes to product design. Packages are generally made for either freight & shipping, or for presentation and enhancing the user's experience -- but it is truly a rare thing that packaging is designed for both purposes! And yet that is precisely what ThingsToBe impressively achieved after a rigorous development process.

We'll be sure to posting more insights into the R&D process in the near future here in our journal, but until then, you might want to know how to get your hands on one!


So how do you get it?

The 30 pack is only available to our Coffee Changer members. In addition to the coffee itself, the 30 pack includes everything you need to keep your Berlin machine running smoothly -- a Maintenance Kit! In the Kit is your grinder cleaner, descaler, and brand new air filter.

And don't forget the key perks of the membership: free machine repairs and continued free use of our Coffee Concierge chatbot -- we think it's pretty compelling!



"Thinking in Thirties!"

As Bonaverde moves towards the Coffee Changers Membership model (which in a nutshell is: the Berlin Machine itself, smart coffee delivery, maintenance kits, and free repairs), it makes sense for 30 pouches to be included in every smart delivery instead of our previous offering of only 20 pouches of coffee (and no maintenance kit).


30 makes sense, because everything in the Maintenance Kit only needs to be used every 30 roasts too.


Economy of Scale

Basically, as we're consolidating all our products into one package, you're saving more. We're now giving you the maintenance and repairs for free, whereas previously you were charged for these.

Purchased individually, the cost breakdown comparison is as follows:



Pouch Size Small Large Small Large
Number of Coffee Pouches 20 20 30 30
Avg Price per Pouch €1.80 €2.75 €1.80 €2.65
Maintenance Kit €10.00 €10.00 Free Free
Price per Box €44.99 €64.99 €54.99 €79.99
Shipping €4.00 €4.00 Free Free



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